Welcome to Experience House Guatemala—a 10-day residency for the world’s leading experience designers and community builders.


Ancient and fertile, Guatemala has allured explorers for millennia. Home to sacred lakes, rich culture, and active volcanoes, we find ourselves immersed in the jungle outside the iconic colonial city of Antigua.


You are one of 30 exceptional humans converging to create an international collective hellbent on accelerating ambitious and emergent visions in the realm of human connection.


As you enter your home for the coming days, you are met by the very hearts and minds that will support, challenge, and elevate you. You look around the room and can’t help but wonder…


What elements of your vision will come to life in this container?
What will feel more alive in your mission?
What will feel more alive in you?


There’s only one way to find out.


Only 30 minutes outside of Antigua, our stunning villas are nestled between two volcanoes—surrounded by lush jungles, diverse wildlife, and of course, the occasional rumble of eruptions. A marvel of sustainable design, our primary residence is an award-winning glass home – a sanctuary that evokes visionary thinking, creative exploration, and soulful living. Complete with collaborative workspaces, a temazcal sauna, organic gardens, and a jacuzzi with views of Fuego’s eruptions, you’ll never want to leave.

An Environment for Human Flourishing


Chef-prepared meals using seasonal produce that is sourced from organic, local and fresh farmlands, some of which are freshly picked and prepared from the permaculture vegetable garden! Our menu is curated to nourish our attendees and ensure they feel their absolute best, while experiencing local culinary culture through a wide variety of Guatemalan flavors.


Together, we seed conditions for human thriving. You can count on an eclectic selection of offerings — from simple meditative practices to fitness classes led by wellness pros — all while enjoying Guatemala’s “eternal spring” weather.


Think: pristine and untouched wilderness meets tranquil living. Our homes are surrounded completely by jungle life where you’ll be visited by toucans, hummingbirds, and much more daily. You can find a collection of trails within the neighborhood to explore without restriction.

Your Sanctuary

We’ve handpicked 4 villas, each with their own vibe. Modern, ecological, rustic, or traditional, these homes serve different functions for the collective while remaining a haven for those who inhabit them. Whichever room you choose, you have a space to call your own—while remaining only minutes from the action.


Most programming at Experience House (XH) is attendee-led, which provides a platform to experiment, leads to a deeply-giving and generous culture, and results in unexpected moments we could never plan for.

An Experience Laboratory


What happens at XH is always unexpected – a product of the brilliant minds and hands we’ve gathered. To give you a sense, highlights from past houses include:


  • mastermind sessions, where the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ housemates were used to solve each other’s greatest challenges
  • meditation, yoga, acroyoga, breathwork, stretching, and workout classes taught by expert attendees
  • daily silk and acrobat classes hosted by one of Brooklyn’s finest circus performers
  • a sunset dance party on the summit of a 13,000 ft active volcano
  • secret bathroom concerts and “single-serve serenades”
  • TED-style talks (dubbed “Fuego Talks”) where attendees shared their visions for the future of how we gather and connect
  • a surprise marriage proposal in a Moroccan hammam
  • a closing party that went until sunrise, featuring some of Guatemala’s top DJs


Of course, no XH will ever be the same. And that’s part of the magic.



We curate attendees meticulously to ensure strong cultural fit and a diversity of experiential contributions, skillsets, and backgrounds. All attendees must apply and interview before receiving an invitation.


We don’t announce our attendee list until a few months before the event.


Fashion and headshot shoot Souki-91

Samuel Kern


Samuel Kern is a creative director,  TEDx speaker, experience designer, and world traveler passionate about leveraging technology and live events to foster deep human connection. He has a diverse background as a startup founder, event producer, filmmaker, and technologist. He loves the outdoors, is a classically trained musician, has recently made his DJ debut, and is perpetually fascinated with asking better questions.



Reem Haddad


Reem Haddad is a Lebanese-Jordanian experience designer and long-time producer behind globally recognized events like Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Tech Open Air in Berlin, and HATCH impact summit.

Reem lives to create experiences that seem unimaginable until they happen, unforgettable once they have. She joined Experience House as the Senior Producer after attending the first edition in Guatemala in 2021.


Lindsay Veenstra


Lindsay Veenstra brings expertise in operations, development, and community building to Experience House. With a deep passion for well-being and lifestyle, she has collaborated with organizations like MAPS, Rythmia, and Flow. A Canadian who’s lived in Guatemala for over 6 years, her local know-how helps secure the top insider connections and unique ideas to support unforgettable experiences.


Pablo A. Fernandez


Pablo A. Fernandez is the founder of Secret Table – a company that offers live experience design, consulting services, and connection facilitation for leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-performing community changemakers that want to make a positive impact in the world.


Eskil Bjerkestrand


Eskil believes that by telling the story of how we belong to each other, and how we are deeply connected to nature through artistic film-making and photography, is contributing to make this world a better place. He derives his inspiration from the natural world, human culture, art and connection. With over 4 years of experience from the sport-fashion industry, wedding photography, a wide range of events and personal projects, he is now working full time following his passion.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.13.31 PM

Melany Fernandez


Melany is an Ayurvedic health coach, self-taught chef, and retreat curator passionate about holistic living. After extensive Ayurvedic training, she opened her first plant-based restaurant, blending culinary arts with wellness principles. As founder of Dosha, she creates natural, nutrient-dense pantry foods promoting healthy eating. Melany has consulted for health-conscious brands and wellness centers, sharing her expertise in Ayurvedic nutrition. A skilled retreat facilitator, she designs immersive experiences combining mindful cooking, yoga, and nature connection. Melany has been practicing and teaching Ayurvedic principles for over a decade, inspiring others to live more balanced, aligned lives.




Empy is an artist and a enterpreneur chef. He started his artistic career at the age of 14 years old.
After spending a decade of traveling and painting, he discovered his culinary passion and studied a gastronomy and administration degree. It took him just a matter of months to make him realize it was the place where he belonged. Now he works creating and developing culinary concepts, pop up restaurants, and gastronomy experiences. He and his girlfriend are the owners and chefs of Huaxin wichs is an conscious and enviromental kitchen where the main concept is to promote local product, a consciousness consumption of it, and to support small local producers’ business and farms economy.

image (6)

Jacqueline Colette (JC)


On a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness, JC makes aligned connections and collaboration more approachable – in business and in love. She has consulted global brands and thought leaders on the design of online/offline communities, awards programs, strategic partnerships and experiential marketing projects. Named as a top 10 dating expert to watch, her newest pursuit as a matchmaker for entrepreneurs helps collapse the timeline to find their life partner.


IMG_9147 Square

Benjamin Canyon


Benjamin is a musician, writer, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping people connect with possibility, hope, and human potential. As founder of Conspire for Good, he has consulted for clients such as UNICEF, the Ford Foundation, and the Obama White House. A trained mediator, he began his career supporting back-channel diplomacy in the Middle East. Benjamin is also a real estate investor and designer, having founded the vacation-rental brand Nocturna Rentals and Muse Society, a coliving venture for remote workers and artists. He has been a performing gypsy jazz musician for over 15 years.

Included in the Program


  • 10 nights of accommodation
  • Daily chef-prepared meals + refreshments
  • A guided overnight expedition to the top of Acatenango Volcano
  • Full reign over all of the villas’ spaces and common areas, including an in-house movie room (with a sofa large enough to accommodate 30 people), outdoor patios from which to view the volcanos, jacuzzis overlooking Fuego’s live eruptions, and more.
  • Daily access to the on-site temazcal (a traditional sauna)
  • Mastermind sessions. Leverage the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ industry mavericks to solve your greatest challenges
  • Event production support. Between our Exec. Producer and the on-site event team, you’ll have the resources to make any crazy idea a reality
  • Plenty of “stages.” Performance opportunities to try out new methodologies, workshops, events, and experiences – and gather feedback along the way
  • Insider access to Guatemala through our local guides and attendees
  • New headshots from 1-2 photo shoots
  • Access to the Experience House Network, a growing global community of over 100 XH alumni
  • 11 days spent alongside 30 multidisciplinary, curious, deeply generous entrepreneurs and creators at the top of their game, supporting one another to step into their highest selves


There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the authentic Guatemala, with trips to Antigua, authentic culinary experiences, jam sessions with local musicians, and an optional extension to the legendary Lake Atítlan.

This Is Right For You If… 

You’re a leader within the world of experience design

You’re passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and foster human connection.


You’re down to co-create

We do the groundwork, but the specialness of our space comes from the contributions of each attendee. We practice the concept of do-ocracy, i.e if you want something done, then do it yourself!

You elevate the people around you

You’re ready to bring your A-game, inspire and encourage the people around you, and generously support the collective – knowing that everyone is keen to do the same for you.

You’re open to experimentation

Consider this a laboratory, a playground, an opportunity for you to lean into your growth edge, within a safe, uplifting, and judgement-free environment. Try out a new workshop, facilitate an experience, get creative in the kitchen, or ask for feedback. With that in mind, we embrace an opt-in culture & respect where you’re at!


Applications for WAVE 1 are now open.


Tuition for WAVE 1 starts at $3,300 for a shared room and $5,400 USD for a private room, depending on room selection. Partial scholarships for local attendees and artists are available.


If invited, a $2,000 deposit is required to reserve your spot.


Should I plan to take off work during the experience? What’s the work setup?

We recommend reducing external work obligations during the week if you’re able to, allowing you to be even more present in the experience. That said, we know 10 days is a substantial duration of time and have designed the program to allow you to tend to your life.

All houses are equipped with fast WiFi (Starlink and/or local providers with speeds topping 100 gbps). We’ll have dedicated workspaces, designated downtime to get work done, and possibly even facilitated work sprints.

How much structure/programming will there be?

This is a co-created gathering, which means a majority of programmed events will be attendee-led. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your gifts, collaborate, and experiment in a safe environment with people who will both love on you and challenge you to improve. You can expect things like opening and closing ceremonies, attendee-led talks and workshops, meditation, yoga, breathwork, dance classes, jam sessions, recorded “fire talks”, nightly family dinners, co-created experiential events, and anything else the group decides to create. 

Can I stay forever?

At every Experience House so far, attendees have wanted to extend the experience (half of the attendees at XH1 didn’t want the month to end and stayed for a 2-week extension, 80% of XH5 extended for a trip to the Sahara). Given this, we’re facilitating a 5-day integration & decompression experience at Lake Atítlan for those interested in additional time for bonding and integration. Book a flexible ticket in the case you choose to extend your stay!

At every Experience House so far, attendees have wanted to extend the experience (half of the attendees at XH1 didn’t want the month to end and stayed for a 2-week extension, 80% of XH5 extended for a trip to the Sahara). Given this, we’re facilitating a 5-day integration & decompression experience at Lake Atítlan for those interested in additional time for bonding and integration. Book a flexible ticket in the case you choose to extend your stay!

Are there scholarships available?

We strive to make Experience House accessible to amazing humans for whom pricing may be an obstacle. For that reason we’ve created a limited number of partial scholarships to support remarkable talent we believe should attend:


XH Artist Grant

Awarded to extraordinarily talented up-and-coming artists who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. The availability of this scholarship depends on the level of financial contribution we receive from alumni + other attendees.


Local’s Scholarship

We look for locals who are deeply familiar with the area and can open doors tourists don’t typically have access to. Do you know your way around and love to share that with others? We’d love to have you!


To apply, complete our standard application and indicate which scholarship you’re applying for.

Am I able to move freely in and out of the space?

Yes, you can leave and return freely during your time with us. 

Do I need travel insurance to participate?

All attendees must have travel health insurance. We recommend World Nomads, Safety Wing, or IMG. By joining our program you acknowledge that this is a requirement, and neglecting to do so waves us of any claims or liability.


A $2,000 USD deposit is required to confirm your spot and is non-refundable, but transferrable to a future program. The remaining amount is due in two installments: one at the time of room selection, and the second 60 days before the start of the program.

You can view our full terms and conditions here.