Announcing the 15-Day Experience

30 Humans X 30 Days 15 Days


As you may know, the mission of Experience House is to gather and connect the world’s leading experience designers and community builders. As the world has opened up again and in-person gatherings are back, it’s become clear that a 30-day commitment can be challenging–especially for leaders in this space (who are being booked for speaking gigs and performances, producing their own events, and attending other gatherings around the world).


Given this, many alumni have asked for a shorter version of Experience House – one that takes the best components of the month-long experience and condenses it into something that requires less of a logistical lift to attend.


We’re incredibly excited about the 15-day experience for a few reasons:

    1. It allows us to gather the best of the best, who often have packed schedules
    2. It’s a more inclusive format to people who run large organizations, aren’t 100% location-independent, and/or have families



What will be different at the 15-day experience?


At past 30-day containers we’ve spoken about how Experience House is an all-in-one experience, and have explained it as:


    • a laboratory for experience creators to share mastery + prototype ideas
    • an environment optimized for you to thrive + be productive
    • a wild adventure
    • a cultural deep-dive
    • a powerful vessel for deep bonds to form


The 15-day container is all of these things, though it’s less centered around productivity and more focused on everything else.


That said, there will be differences. As an attendee, here’s the changes to expect:


    • Less co-working, more presence/collaboration. While there’ll still be great work spaces, an opt-in culture, and plenty of downtime, we anticipate attendees of the 15-day program will take more time away from their regular work to focus on connecting and collaborating.
    • A more curated calendar. At our previous 30-day experiences we’ve had attendees add events to the calendar once they arrive, often after the first week. At the 15-day version we’ll tap attendees for programming contributions far ahead of time, and curate a dialed-in program that optimizes for the group’s intentions and highest excitement.
    • Less weekends together. We’ve kept the best weekend adventures/activities–and encourage further exploration for those who desire during the extension.




What will stay the same?

Other than the differences mentioned above, nearly everything else will be the same! That is…

    • A meticulously curated attendee list of leaders in the world of experience design, community building, and human connection
    • A co-created gathering that combines all the elements listed above.
    • The option for an extension. We expect many people will opt-in to staying longer to continue working and adventuring together.



We’re incredibly excited roll out our first 15-day experience, starting this March in Morocco.