The XH Collective


What could this community be if we stay connected for an entire year? We’ve created a collective to do just that. This way we ensure the momentum gained isn’t lost, continue the incubation of ideas and partnerships, share resources, and continue to learn from each others expertise.


Here’s what’s included:


  • Access to the Experience House private discord community. This is a place to:


      • Connect with Experience House alumni from past + future cohorts
      • Learn about upcoming events (hosted by XH + other aligned experiences happening around the world)
      • ​​Share tools and resources
      • Make “asks” and “offers” to the group
      • Learn about job opportunities
      • Leverage the networks of all XH members (e.g. “Who knows someone who works at Burning Man Project?”)


  • A monthly mind share with hot-seat, ask/offer, and accountability components


  • Access to  bi-monthly special master classes from your fellow members


  • Access to the Experience House Resource Share: A crowdsourced Notion wiki  with a growing database of event venues around the world, a shared information library (courses, books, resources, etc), connection questions, and experience design frameworks. 


  • Monthly challenges that will catalyze your engagement with the group. (30 days of meditation, 3 one-on-ones challenge, etc)


  • The same co-created calendar you came to love during XH. Do-ocracy and opt in culture lives on!



Additionally, you’ll receive an allocation of Experience House tokens (once created) and first opportunities to purchase more. 


As this is brand new and you’ll be a founding member, you have the opportunity to shape the direction of this community as we grow to become a global network and globally recognized collective. 


$99 per month

Billed in 3 month cycles


$960 per year

Billed annually

Why are you doing this? Why now? Why am I paying?

We want to put the time, energy and resource in continuing this experience for a year. We know that people will naturally disperse, and we know what happens when we don’t create a container. We put so much time in getting you to our event that we want you to continue to grow from each others contributions. The challenge is recreating the magic that happens onsite online, but we’re up for it. 

What happens after I pay?

Once you’re confirmed, we’ll onboard you by adding you to the shared calendar and discord channel. Then we’ll have a kick off collective call to decide what we’re going to create together. 

What’s the ROI?

At the very least, you’ll stay top of mind for all your fellow members. beyond that, think of the value that came from the master classes you attended onsite. this is an opportunity to keep learning from these amazing people. Emotionally, checking in with our community will give you consistent boost of support and love.

What happens if I don't join?

You’ll still receive the benefits of the connections you’ve made, continued access to the WhatsApp group, and receive an Alumni discount on any future events. We could create a Facebook group, but it won’t have the same quality of content we want to focus on producing for you.

What resources are we sharing?

Client referrals, team referrals, art collaborations, venues, producers, and the partnerships that XH has already made. Other than that, we’ll build it together over time. What do you want to share?