Welcome to Morocco


As the plane hovers over the Red City, a city older than time, a glance through your window reveals a whirlwind of colour; pyramids of spices, locals in richly woven fabrics, and a thousand other exotic goods turn the market below into a living kaleidoscope.


You are one of 25 exceptional minds converging to create an international tribe hellbent on accelerating ambitious and emergent visions in the realm of human connection.


You may not know yet but, as you enter your home for the coming month, you are met by the very hearts and minds that will propel you into your next level.


You look around the room and can’t help but wonder…


What elements of your vision will come to life in this container?
What will feel more alive in your mission?
What will feel more alive in you?


There’s only one way to find out.

Welcome to Experience House Morocco.


Only 20 minutes outside or Marrakech, our venue is an oasis in every sense of the word. Designed for artists and creators, consider this your sandbox for the next 4 weeks. Complete with a recording studio, an amphitheater fit for Plato, 4 pools, Turkish hammam, yoga shala, co-working spaces with fiber-optic internet, and the most decadent private rooms—you’ll never want to leave.  




You can count on daily classes at the Yoga Shala & plenty of downtime spent at the Spa. A timeless temple, readily available to refine & declutter the mind, body & spirit.  



From live concerts and full-on festivals to improvised jam sessions and intimate evenings. Our venue is a well known sanctuary among creatives where they gather to compose, exchange, gain inspiration and co-create throughout their stay. Artists from all walks of life have claimed this space, where they allowed themselves to be  irresistibly invaded by a powerful, creative & rare energy. 



Think: Garden of Eden, where the aromatic herbs dance about the flowers and abundant vegetation. The venue is surrounded by 2 hectares of flowers, olive trees and rose bushes, offering a multitude of perspectives, scents and colours.



Chef prepared meals using seasonal produce that is sourced from organic, local and fresh farmlands, some of which are freshly picked and prepared from the permaculture vegetable garden! Our menu is curated to nourish our attendees and ensure they feel their absolute best, while experiencing local culinary culture throughout the wide variety of Moroccan flavors.

Your Chamber

Moroccan design is already world renowned. Add the inspiration of artists like Queen, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Hendrix, and you have a truly unique place to stay. Better yet, they all come with private work space, several have private pools, and a few are world class in luxury. Whichever room you choose, you have a space to call your own, but are only seconds away from the action.


The majority of programming at XH is attendee-led, which provides a platform to experiment, leads to a deeply giving and generous culture, and results in unexpected experiences and moments we could never plan for. 



To give you a sense of what’s in store, here’s some of the highlights from our last program in Guatemala:


  • mastermind sessions, where the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ housemates were used to solve each other’s greatest challenges


  • meditation, yoga, acroyoga, breathwork, and workout classes taught by expert attendees


  • daily silk and acrobat classes hosted by one of Brookly’s finest circus performers


  • writing workshops held by an award winning poet


  • an “Amazing Race” around the colonial city of Antigua that ended in a mixology competition


  • a sunset dance party on the summit of a 13,000 ft active volcano 


  • an extravagant Arabian dinner involving 4+ days of food preparation, Aladdin-style costumes, an aerial silk performance, walking on broken glass, and a dance party 


  • TED-style talks (dubbed “Fuego Talks”) where attendees shared their vision of how we gather and connect in a post-COVID world


  • an epic closing party that went until sunrise, featuring some of Guatemala’s top DJs 


Of course, no XH will ever be the same. And that’s part of the magic. ✨



We won’t release the names of our first participants until we get a little closer to the event. But for context, check out the epic humans that have joined our past events and are in our community.



  • A month of accommodation


  • Daily chef-prepared meals 


  • Full reign over all of the venue’s spaces: an outdoor amphitheater with A/V setup (ideal for hosting concerts, etc), an in-house movie theater (with a sofa large enough to comfortably accommodate a tribe), a rooftop from which to view the sunset, and a yoga shala where daily yoga, meditation, and workout sessions will be held


  • Daily access to the on-site Turkish hammam (a traditional sauna)


  • 24/7 access to co-working areas (fiber optic internet)


  • Weekday access to the recording studio


  • Weekly mastermind sessions. Leverage the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ industry mavericks to solve your greatest challenges 


  • Event production support. Between our Exec. Producer and the on-site event team, you’ll have the resources to make any crazy idea a reality


  • Plenty of “stages.” Performance opportunities to try out new methodologies, workshops, events, and experiences – and gather feedback along the way


  • Insider access to Morocco through our local guides and attendees


  • Recordings of your TED-style “fuego talk” (fully opt-in), which we’ll help promote if you’d like us to


  • New headshots from 1-2 photo shoots


  • Pre-event prep calls


  • Access to the Experience House Network, a growing global community of XH alumni


  • A month spent alongside 25 multidisciplinary, curious, deeply generous entrepreneurs and creators at the top of their game, supporting one another to step into their highest selves



There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the authentic Morocco, with trips to the Marrakech market, weekend excursions to Morocco’s top surf destinations, jam sessions with local musicians, and much more. 

This Is Right For You If… 


You’re a leader within the world of experience design

You’re passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and foster human connection.


You’re down to co-create

We do the groundwork, but the specialness of our space comes from the contributions of each attendee. We practice the concept of do-ocracy, i.e if you want something done, then do it yourself! 


You elevate the people around you

You’re ready to bring your A-game, inspire, encourage the people around you, and generously support the TRIBE – knowing that everyone is willing to do the same for you.


You’re open to experimentation

Consider this a laboratory, a playground, an opportunity for you to lean into your growth edge, within a safe, uplifting and  judgement free environment. Try out a new workshop, facilitate an experience, get creative in the kitchen, or ask for feedback. With that in mind, we embrace an opt-in culture & respect where you’re at! 


Do you know of incredible humans who need to be at Experience House? We’re offering $250 cash or a $500 credit for each person you refer + joins. The credit can be used on this program or on future XH events. 



  • Now  → Sunday, June 5th: Deadline for Super Early Bird Discount. (submit your application before the deadline to qualify for a 15% discount)


  • Sunday, July 10th: Deadline for Early Bird Discount. (submit your application before the deadline to qualify for a 10% discount)


  • July 25th→September 2nd: Interviews. Be sure to keep an eye out for an email invitation to interview. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you an Invite! Deposits must be submitted within 48 hours of your invitation to secure your spot.


  • Sunday, September 18th: Full payment deadline


  • Saturday, October 15: Move-in day + opening ceremony!!


What's the work setup?

This is a “work hard play hard” culture where you can continue to do your normal work throughout the month, but in an incredible environment with other like-minded creators. We’ll have dedicated workspaces, rooms for private video calls, designated work times, and possibly even facilitated work sprints.

How much structure/programming will there be?

This is a co-created gathering, which means a majority of programmed events will be attendee-led. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your gifts, collaborate, and experiment in a safe environment with people who will both love on you and challenge you to improve. You can expect things like opening and closing ceremonies, attendee-led talks and workshops, meditation, yoga, breathwork, dance classes, jam sessions, recorded “lightning talks”, nightly family dinners, co-created experiential events, and anything else the group decides to create.

Will there be an extension?

Half of the attendees at XH1 didn’t want the month to end and stayed for a 2-week extension. This time, we’re offering a 1-week integration & decompression experience in the Moroccan desert for those interested in an extra week of bonding and integration. Book a flexible ticket in the case you choose to extend your stay!

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We strive to make Experience House accessible to amazing humans for whom pricing may be an obstacle. For that reason we’ve created a limited number of partial scholarships to support humans we’d like to bet on. 


Filmmaker & Photographer’s Scholarship

Do you want an opportunity to make amazing content and work with our fantastic team? Mention this in your application!


Local’s Scholarship

We’re looking for locals who are very familiar with Marrakesh & can provide the group with a taste of the real and authentic Morocco, which other tourists don’t necessarily have access to. You know your way around and love to share that with others?  We want you!  


Up and Coming Rock Star Scholarship

Do you have something special to offer unlike anything else? We trust our attendees to bring the magic to Experience House. If this relates, we’d love to hear from you! 

What’s the deal with the recording studio? Instruments?

You have access to the recording studio 24/7 Monday – Friday. On the weekends, the venue may rent the studio to third parties. 


You’ll need to complete a basic training in order to use the studio. If you’d like to do professional recordings, a sound engineer is available for hire on a day by day basis.


There’s also instruments on-site, which can be rented (we’re still working out the details of this). 

What will be different at XH5?
  1. The people. No more than 30% of attendees will be returners
  2. A larger focus on content creation. We’ll have a dedicated content team whose sole job is to amplify your personal brand + messages through audio, photo, and video. For those interested, it’s our goal to leverage our time together to accelerate the development of your mission and/or business.
  3. A heavy focus on wellness. We’ll be deeply exploring the question of “how can we feel most alive?” Reem Haddad (yoga instructor, holistic wellness expert, and our Exec. Producer) is designing a wellness program tailor-made to our attendees’ wellness goals.
  4. We’re bursting the bubble. We’ll be meeting and welcoming guest mentors in the world of experience design, having dinners + events with Morocco’s top artists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. 


Morocco. We will be exploring a vastly different culture & experiencing local activities. Also have you taken a look at the venue? Jaw drop.

Am I able to move freely in and out of the space?

Yes you can leave and return freely during your time with us, we ask that you maintain covid safe practices while not on site. 

Do I need travel insurance to participate?

All attendees must have travel health insurance. We recommend World Nomads or Safety Wing. By joining our program you acknowledge that this is a requirement, and neglecting to do so waves us of any claims or liability. 

COVID Policy
  • A negative PCR or Antigen test taken no more than 72 hours prior to travel is required to enter the country. If you are already in the country, we will still need to see a negative test before joining the group.
  • We are not requiring vaccines for our programs, though they are highly encouraged. Travel restrictions change daily and movement between regions, or potentially out of the country, may be restricted. Experience house is not liable for any logistical complications pertaining to your travel itinerary.
  • The space is an open container. Though all staff members are vaccinated, you are responsible for communicating and practicing your personal covid precautions.
  • We will be testing weekly during our trip to ensure no one has contracted Covid.
  • If you test positive or are showing symptoms, we have a quarantine procedure in place.
  • By participating in our program, Experience House is not liable for any health related issues.
  • You can read our full covid policy here.
Cancellation + Refund Policy
  • Deposits are fully refundable until Sunday September 12th
  • If between September 12th and November 13th you decide you cannot participate, we are unable to issue a refund of your deposit. Any funds in addition to the deposit submitted may be fully or partially refunded at our discretion. 
  • If between September 12th and November 13th we are forced to cancel the event due to outside circumstances outside of our control, we can only refund or credit 50% of your deposit.
  • We encourage you to read our terms and conditions here. The submission of your deposit is acceptance of our terms.