Welcome to Morocco


As the plane hovers over the Red City, a city older than time, a glance through your window reveals a whirlwind of colour; pyramids of spices, locals in richly woven fabrics, and a thousand other exotic goods turn the market below into a living kaleidoscope.


You are one of 30 exceptional minds converging to create an international tribe hellbent on accelerating ambitious and emergent visions in the realm of human connection.


You may not know yet but, as you enter your home for the coming month, you are met by the very hearts and minds that will propel you into your next level.


You look around the room and can’t help but wonder…


What elements of your vision will come to life in this container?
What will feel more alive in your mission?
What will feel more alive in you?


There’s only one way to find out.

Welcome to Experience House Morocco.


Only 20 minutes outside or Marrakech, our venue is an oasis in every sense of the word. Designed for artists and creators, consider this your sandbox. Complete with a recording studio, an amphitheater fit for Plato, 4 pools, Turkish hammam, yoga shala, co-working spaces with fiber-optic internet, and the most decadent private rooms—you’ll never want to leave.  




You can count on daily classes at the Yoga Shala & plenty of downtime spent at the Spa. A timeless temple, readily available to refine & declutter the mind, body & spirit.  



From live concerts and full-on festivals to improvised jam sessions and intimate evenings. Our venue is a well known sanctuary among creatives where they gather to compose, exchange, gain inspiration and co-create throughout their stay. Artists from all walks of life have claimed this space, where they allowed themselves to be  irresistibly invaded by a powerful, creative & rare energy. 



Think: Garden of Eden, where the aromatic herbs dance about the flowers and abundant vegetation. The venue is surrounded by 2 hectares of flowers, olive trees and rose bushes, offering a multitude of perspectives, scents and colours.



Chef prepared meals using seasonal produce that is sourced from organic, local and fresh farmlands, some of which are freshly picked and prepared from the permaculture vegetable garden! Our menu is curated to nourish our attendees and ensure they feel their absolute best, while experiencing local culinary culture throughout the wide variety of Moroccan flavors.

Your Chamber

Moroccan design is already world renowned. Add the inspiration of artists like Queen, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Hendrix, and you have a truly unique place to stay. Better yet, they all come with private work space, several have private pools, and a few are world class in luxury. Whichever room you choose, you have a space to call your own, but are only seconds away from the action.


The majority of programming at XH is attendee-led, which provides a platform to experiment, leads to a deeply giving and generous culture, and results in unexpected experiences and moments we could never plan for. 



To give you a sense of what’s in store, here’s some of the highlights from a previous program in Guatemala:


  • mastermind sessions, where the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ housemates were used to solve each other’s greatest challenges


  • meditation, yoga, acroyoga, breathwork, and workout classes taught by expert attendees


  • daily silk and acrobat classes hosted by one of Brookly’s finest circus performers


  • writing workshops held by an award winning poet


  • an “Amazing Race” around the colonial city of Antigua that ended in a mixology competition


  • a sunset dance party on the summit of a 13,000 ft active volcano 


  • an extravagant Arabian dinner involving 4+ days of food preparation, Aladdin-style costumes, an aerial silk performance, walking on broken glass, and a dance party 


  • TED-style talks (dubbed “Fuego Talks”) where attendees shared their vision of how we gather and connect in a post-COVID world


  • an epic closing party that went until sunrise, featuring some of Guatemala’s top DJs 


Of course, no XH will ever be the same. And that’s part of the magic. ✨



Yasmine El Baggari

Yasmine El Baggari


Yasmine El Baggari is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Moroccan-born entrepreneur passionate about connecting people and bridging cultures to encourage a more peaceful caring world. She’s the Founder of Voyaj – a global platform that connects people from around the globe for one-on-one meaningful exchanges to foster global understanding and peace.

Yasmine’s reach has included work with the World Bank, research at Harvard University, and the US State Department as an “Engage America” Ambassador. She has spoken at international conferences, including the World Economic Forum, the Middle East Studies Association, and Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Forbes, BBC, and the Huffington Post. Yasmine has also received awards from the African Studies Association, Hampshire College’s $60K Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Glamour Women of the Year Award, and two Ingenuity Awards.

Yasmine has traveled to all 50 U.S. states, 46 countries on her own and was welcomed with 250+ families globally. Her next stop? The Moon.

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Eamon Armstrong

Eamon Armstrong


Eamon is the creator of “Life is a Festival”, a podcast promoting adventure and personal development through the lens of global festival culture and “The Psychedelic Therapy Podcast” an interview series specifically for psychedelic therapists.


Formerly a professional festival reviewer, Eamon is an enthusiast of personal growth and psychedelic healing. He is an initiate with the Bwiti tradition in Gabon and a psychedelic peer support sitter with MAP’s Zendo Project.


Eamon is also a passionate advocate for mens work and offers public talks and workshops from mythopoetic men’s work to stand-up comedy on integrating masculinity.


Monica Sharma Dogra

Monica Sharma Dogra


Monica Dogra is a multi-disciplinary artist of Indian Descent.  Her work rests at the intersection of activism, art, and storytelling through a multitude of formats from Music, Podcast, TV, Film, Poetry, Fashion, and Dance. She has released 6 studio albums, with two of her recent singles charting on Apple Music at top 10 on the dance charts in India. She has been called “ambassador of the New India” and “queen of indie” by Republic of Brown and Grazia Magazine, as well as being cited as one of the “50 most Influential women in India” by Elle Magazine.


Monica is known for her acting work in critically acclaimed films such as Dhobi Ghat, and David.  More recently, her film “What Are The Odds” was Netflix top 10 in 2020.  Her Role starring as Peeplika in “The Married Woman”, a queer artist activist was nominated for a Filmfare for Best Supporting Actress.


Monica was awarded India’s best female DJ by the India nightlife commission in 2019. She also released a podcast exploring the spiritual journeys of Famous Indian Creatives called REVERENCE in 2021. Her nonfiction work as host of The Dewarists, and Viceland’s “WOMAN” won The Cannes Lion Bronze, and was Emmy nominated.


Victorien Mulliez

Victorien Mulliez


International DJ and Music Producer, Victorien has mastered the art of the dance floor for over 14 years. With driving, uplifting, soulful, fun, and joy-infused music, he offers a global appeal, serving the crowd with the most epic and positive sound. As former member of the French duo FDVM, Victorien has played shows worldwide while producing and releasing tracks that have gathered over 100 million streams. Victorien has played festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Solis Festival in Pakistan; and currently is resident and curator for the global dance movement, sober morning rave, Daybreaker, where he has DJ’ed sets at historic venues such as Red Rocks in Denver, the sky-high observatory of the Freedom Tower & The Edge in NYC, The Kennedy Center in DC.


Seeker & adventurer, Victorien perceives music as a vibrational prescription for the soul, to uplift the spirits, to share the richness of human cultures and inspire joy. Passionate about flutes, Victorien has collected an extensive diversity of wind instruments he uses to invite the listeners to dive deep within. He recently created the project Nakaloka, with Monica Dogra, hosting meditative concerts.

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Jacqueline Colette

Jacqueline Colette “JC”


On a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness, JC makes aligned connections and collaboration more approachable – in business and in love. She has consulted global brands and thought leaders on the design of online/offline communities, awards programs, strategic partnerships and experiential marketing projects. Named as a top 10 dating expert to watch, her newest pursuit as a matchmaker for entrepreneurs helps collapse the timeline to find their life partner.


Fish - Louis Fisher

Fish – Louis Fisher


Fish, Los Angeles based creative, focuses his work at the intersection of wellbeing, expression and story. This multidisciplinary creator weaves a wide & colorful tapestry, splitting his time between restorative bodywork, experiential culinary arts, ethical community design, gamified collaborative storytelling, intimate photographic portraiture, therapeutic acroyoga and aerial silks, and more!


Justine Benanty

Justine ‘Bean’ Benanty


Justine started her career as a Maritime Archaeologist, focusing on slave-trade shipwrecks, WWII Tuskegee aircrafts, underwater heritage management, combating the black market illegal antiquities trade in the Middle East, and youth education. Her work was co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American Heritage & Culture, National Park Service, and The George Washington University.


Justine is a certified VITA Coach in Men’s Love & Intimacy and operates FixMyDatingProfile.com.  Justine has been curating connective events and leading community projects for 10+ years, including but not limited to networking, wellness, art exhibitions, and special events. All of this serves her life’s purpose of creating more love and connection through connective human touchpoint experiences.

a man that is standing in the dark

Andrei Matorin

Andrei Matorin


Andrei Matorin is a Brazilian-born violinist, composer, songwriter and producer. He began performing professionally at the age of 15 and spent most of his professional career in New York City. He has since been featured as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, MoMA, as well as speaking at TEDx on the power of connecting through authenticity and improvisation.


While rooted in classical and jazz traditions, Matorin’s music is also influenced by electronic and traditional indigenous music from around the world, creating immersive, genre-bending sonic journeys. As an artist his intention is to create musical containers that serve as vehicles for deep individual and collective healing.


Sophia Babb

Sophia Babb


When Sophia was 13, her father took his own life. Her chapter of childhood quickly closed, and she was thrust into a harsher reality. In an attempt to cope, she picked up a guitar and started writing songs. What started as a salve to her grief quickly grew into an obsession of perfecting her craft. And not just the music — the business of it, too. Picking up on things like marketing, sales, and product market fit, she loved to tinker with the inputs and outputs that create a business.


She took this knowledge and created a nationally-touring indie folk band called Companion with her identical twin sister, writing songs about grief, healing, and all the life that happens in between.


Her success in the music industry naturally led her into marketing, where she went fully freelance in 2019 as a consultant, helping e-commerce startups grow into multimillion dollar companies. Today she lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, dividing her time between writing music, running her marketing business, and nurturing a cohousing community called the Neighbormune with nine other residents.


Seth Bunting

Seth Bunting


Seth Bunting is a creative director and community organizer with a background in ontological design, brand & story, immersive technology, open-sourced innovation, media production, live events, & culture.


Seth believes that shared experiences fire off a community, and a pulse and repetition in those experiences is what drives better sense-making within the commons. He quietly is weaving the systems between people, places, and the experiences that connect them together.


Alex Silver-Fagan

Alex Silver-Fagan

Alex Silver-Fagan has spent her life exploring the concept of “STRONG” and what it means to embody this concept physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a professional in the fitness industry for 10 years, Alex has worked with clients and her own heart to better understand what it means to cultivate a confident, worthy, and powerful expression of self. It is her life’s mission to help the world work IN and not just work OUT.
As the creator and founder of her own method: Flow Into Strong, an RKC Kettlebell specialist, 350hr registered yoga teacher, and the youngest Nike Master Trainer ever at age 23, Alex has found that the journey really begins when we come home to ourselves through movement. Currently she is one of the teachers at OPEN, a breathwork, meditation, and yoga studio located in Venice, CA and digitally via their app.
Alex is also a mental health advocate, published author, and influencer, integrating all parts of her message into her profession. Her relatable approach to fitness reminds her clients and followers that with passion and dedication: you can do ANYTHING.

Majeed Mogharreban

Majeed Mogharreban


World-traveling father and professional speaker, Majeed Mogharreban is the founder of The Expert Speaker Institute, the premier resource for experts to grow their business with public speaking.

Majeed is the number one highest-rated instructor in the world at Learning Tree International, a two-time international best-selling author, and a TEDx speaker. He’s spoken at the United Nations twice and has worked privately with celebrities, politicians, an olympic gold medal winner, CEOs and top entrepreneurs.


Raul Espinoza

Raul Espinoza


Raul has been working with impact initiatives around the world, utilizing photography, film, and coaching to empower oppressed communities. He is the founder of LiveLOUD content creation for visual branding and impact storytelling.

Raul is also the Executive Director for All Kings men’s group which supports and empowers formally incarcerated men and at-risk young men. Raul leads this New York-based non-profit developing the emotional intelligence for men impacted by the justice system to transform marginalized communities from the inside out.


Paul Bulencea

Paul Bulencea


Paul is an award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur and speaker inspiring forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies and governments to foster innovation and drive sustainable growth by shifting business models from services to co-creative transformational experiences.

Following his vision to help organizations migrate to the Experience Economy, he co-founded The College of Extraordinary Experiences in 2016, which serves as a worldwide community and think tank for experience designers. The College is described by creative thought leaders a must for pioneers in experience design.


Souki Mehdaoui

Souki Mehdaoui


Souki is a director, writer, and recovering cinematographer based in Los Angeles. Her work can be seen on Netflix, HBO, New York Times, Yahoo, Refinery29, TED, Art21, the Sundance-premiering documentaries “The Great Hack” and “Mucho Mucho Amor”. Souki’s directorial debut “Firelei Baez” won her Best Director at the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and a NOWNESS Pick. In her free time, she hosts a podcast, designs mentorship programming and advocates for trauma-informed practices in nonfiction film. She strives to find hope in dark corners, to explore the moving image as an entry-point into what’s overlooked, and to enjoy every style of skittle.


Axel Mansoor

Axel Mansoor


Axel Mansoor is a critically acclaimed musician known for his ability to instantly connect with others through his vulnerability and humor. His music has taken him from a Daytime Emmy nomination to award-winning collaborations and placements with brands like AT&T, McDonald’s, Lexus, and Facebook, your television screen as he performed a song for H.E.R. on NBC’s Songland, the #5 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart, your phone’s home screen as the smiling face of the Clubhouse app icon, and to creating Lullaby Club where your favorite artists (John Mayer, Alaina Castillo, Matoma, The Plain White T’s) soothe the world through the power of music and vibe.


Kelsea Crawford

Kelsea Crawford


Kelsea Crawford is an American/British entrepreneur living in Paris since 2014. She is passionate about sharing, cultivating space and beauty in the everyday, and making things with her hands. Her life in Europe began as a food and travel writer with a nomadic year spent traveling, cooking, and learning French, before cofounding Cutwork, an award-winning architecture and design studio specialized in building new ways to live and work. Kelsea gave a TEDx on ‘The Future of Shared Architecture’ with her cofounder Antonin Yuji Maeno and was nominated for ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ in 2017. Cutwork has been named in the Top-30 Cleantech companies in Europe and won the FRAME Award for Societal Innovation of the Year 2020 for their breakout coliving project in Paris. Kelsea is currently the French Ambassador of Co-Liv, the largest global association of coliving professionals.


She is an active volunteer and student of the Western School of Mindfulness Meditation and has a daily practice of meditation, participating in retreats and seminars a few times per year. She spends every Saturday in the ceramics studio of Yoshimi Futamura where she makes bowls, plates, and other inspired tableware. Here, she’s found a home in the diverse community of Parisian/Japanese artisans where each studio day begins gathered around a table filled with good food and tea.


Piero Coen

Piero Coen


Piero is the founder and CEO of Osmo; a company focused on facilitating payments through Bitcoin.

Piero and his team believe that Bitcoin is the best monetary tool in history and that’s why they created an app to make it incredibly easy for Latinos to use Bitcoin.

Piero’s point of difference with ‘Osmo’ is his focus on the experiential and human side of the financial revolution.

Piero strongly believes in bringing his region to the global playing field, and that providing financial inclusion through Bitcoin is an equitable step in the right direction.

In his spare time you’ll find him mountain biking, hiking, skiing, or planning wellness retreats.

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Samantha Katz

Samantha Katz


Samantha Katz is a multidisciplinary Creative Director, Arts Curator, Community Builder, and Cultural Consultant with expertise facilitating conversations and immersive experiences.


She has produced major arts programs, like Bushwick Open Studios – one of New York’s largest cultural events (featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Art in America, and many more) as well as Graffiti Gone Global – a prominent street art fair during Art Basel Miami. She also developed Created Here, an online platform that empowers creators by connecting them with local consumers and art enthusiasts. Visitors to the site can discover artists, designers, craftspeople, and musicians doing great things in their own neighborhoods. In addition to this digital hub, Created Here is currently in production as a TV series that follows Samantha and her crew as they travels the country documenting creative communities around the U.S. From 2019-2021 Samantha curated the arts program for Selina Hotels, the fast-growing lifestyle and experiential hospitality brand with over 100 locations worldwide. In this role, she has developed the company’s expanding brand, introducing regional artwork and unique design influence to each property. One of her most recent endeavors involves collaborating with experts across multiple disciplines to develop a prototype for Burning Man and the Black Rock Arts Foundation defining the future of community, represented by physical cultural, and artistic installations on the Fly Ranch property in the Black Rock Desert.


Currently, Samantha is the Director of Culture and Community at NeueHouse where she ideates, curates, and executes innovative brand experiences across a diverse range of highly immersive channels including in-person, digital, and offsite experiences. Here she focuses on fostering cultural, collaborative, and creative community.


Artem Polyvyanny

Artem Polyvyanny


Artem was born in Russia and has lived in 6 different countries. His love for travel, adventure and cultural learning was inspired by a volunteer trip to Peru when attending university. Artem has travelled to over 40 countries and speaks around 5 languages.


He has raced a camel on a motorcycle in the desert of Rajastan and has hitched hiked across Western Europe. Artem has sat with various medicine men in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru. He has worked as an engineer, an artilleryman, a management consultant, a wind turbine construction lead, a teacher, and an adventure guide.


Artem founded Aventura Life – orchestration of mindfulness-based adventures in exotic, awe-inspiring places around the world.


His purpose in life is to inspire people to do the difficult deep inner work to get to a place where happiness and joy are emanating from within and are not dependent on anything.


Benjamin Canyon

Benjamin Canyon


Benjamin is the founder of Conspire for Good, a strategy firm that helps progressive organizations achieve their goals and scale their impact. He has consulted to clients including UNICEF, Ford Foundation, Illumen Capital, NAACP, MoveOn.org, Free Speech TV, and The Inter-American Development Bank. He also provided counsel to The White House Office of Public Engagement under President Obama. A trained mediator and facilitator, Benjamin started his career at the leading international conflict resolution nonprofit, Search for Common Ground, supporting backchannel diplomacy in the Middle East.


Benjamin is also a real estate investor and designer. His property management company, Nocturna Rentals, offers guests design-forward travel experiences in Tulum, Mexico and Joshua Tree, California. In 2021, he co-founded Muse Society, a nascent coliving venture dedicated to helping remote workers, entrepreneurs, and artists reach elevated states of imagination and creativity. A gypsy jazz musician for over 15 years, he has played guitar and sung in cities across the globe. Benjamin is a relentless optimist—sober about the state of the world and passionate about human potential.


Dr. Tyler Jean

Dr. Tyler Jean


Dr. Tyler Jean is passionate about the importance of food as medicine while empowering others to embrace healthier lifestyles.

A former Division-1 athlete, and neuroscience researcher, Dr. Tyler went on to complete his medical education at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. As a naturopathic physician, Tyler takes a more integrative and preventive approach to healthcare.

Tyler has always been a firm believer in educating others about their health and believes physicians have the unique opportunity to be a teacher and a mentor.

Tyler’s desire for understanding cultural views of medicine has taken him all over the world to understand alternative ways of healing. It is through these immersive experiences that Tyler has gained the most perspective on health and the greater meanings in life.

Dr. Tyler has spoken at several summits as part of Under Armour’s Human Performance System and has consulted with some of the world’s top athletes on performance nutrition.


Connor Bell

Connor Bell


Connor Bell is a passionate and heart-centered facilitator, speaker, sales coach, investor, and intentional evolutionary seeking to cultivate intentional autonomous relationships and build a global network of creative havens. These havens are where we come together to connect, mastermind, co-create and celebrate each other’s sovereign creations. He is a master of heart-centric sales, EVO (subconscious evolution), and intentional autonomous relating which transforms the paradigm of how we relate with ourselves and with others. He loves curating meaningful experiences, inspiring others to sing their sovereign songs, and providing stages for others to do so in their fullest expression. Lastly, he enjoys curiously exploring, communicating, understanding, and showcasing how we each experience God, Creation, the Universe, etc.


Jonny Driscoll

Jonny Driscoll


Jonny Driscoll is a mastermind at creating open-hearted and profoundly nourishing spaces combining authentic dance connection, self-expression and play.

Today, living in Switzerland, Jonny teaches Brazilian Zouk and organises dance retreats. His methodologies combine movement technique, embodiment, partner-connection and spiritual practice.

Previously, Jonny lived in London as an entrepreneur having launched an award-winning mobile application for community education. During this time he also worked as a professional magician.

Jonny is currently looking for ways to expand his reach and contribution to the world through movement, community and connection as therapies to heal and blossom.

7305-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-design-rencontre-cutwork-03 (1)

Antonin Yuji Maeno

Antonin Yuji Maeno


Antonin Yuji Maeno is the co-founder of Cutwork and an architect who graduated from the National Higher Architecture School of Paris-La Villette and the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology. Half French, half Japanese, he developed industrial patents allowing the hand-bending of metal tubes to create custom furniture and architectural structures in kit form. With this technology, he won the Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la ville de Paris and the BPI’s innovative business innovation prize. Antonin has been a birdwatcher since a young age, which plays a big role in his unique perspective on architecture, the environment, and nature.


Dimitra Christodoulou

Dimitra Christodoulou


Dimitra aims to bridge people’s needs and desires with meaningful innovation. Her professional title has always been that of a Marketer, as she brings together storytelling and technology to drive growth. She has also built and scaled social impact projects like a pan-European scholarship program for developers, a digital transformation initiative for the Greek travel sector, and an app that connects refugees with critical & reliable information during their journey. She has been on NGO expeditions in Africa, focusing on empowering women´s role in their communities, and redefining empathy & gratitude for herself. She recently underwent brain surgery and felt to the bone that if you are connected with your intuition and surrounded by amazing people, you can do pretty much everything. After a tour around the world and a life in the 2 coasts of the US, she is now back in Athens, her hometown, leading Google´s Search Marketing team for Europe, Middle East & Africa and dipping her toes in the fascinating art of writing.



Sam Kern


Sam is an experiential designer, TEDx speaker, podcast host, software engineer, and world traveler passionate about leveraging technology and live experiences to foster deep human connection. He founded Experience House in 2021 to create a community of like-minded experiential designers and community builders who share this ethos.


Pablo A. Fernandez


Pablo A. Fernandez is the founder of Secret Table – a company that offers live experience design, consulting services, and connection facilitation for leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-performing community changemakers that want to make a positive impact in the world.

Pablo was instrumental in launching Experience House in 2021, and now serves as Senior Advisor.


Reem Haddad


Reem Haddad is a Jordanian-Lebanese event producer, event designer, and yoga instructor. She’s lead production at festivals like Envision Festival (a world-renowned event that unites individuals through art, yoga, music, self-expression, and regenerative strategies) and Tech Open Air (a conference and festival that celebrates a fusion of tech, design, art and music).

As Senior Producer, she helps us bring Experience House to life.



  • 15 nights of accommodation


  • Daily chef-prepared meals 


  • Full reign over all of the venue’s spaces: an outdoor amphitheater with A/V setup (ideal for hosting concerts, etc), an in-house movie theater (with a sofa large enough to comfortably accommodate a tribe), a rooftop from which to view the sunset, and a yoga shala where daily yoga, meditation, and workout sessions will be held


  • Daily access to the on-site Turkish hammam (a traditional sauna)


  • 24/7 access to co-working areas (fiber optic internet)


  • Weekday access to the recording studio (the live room, sessions)


  • Weekly mastermind sessions. Leverage the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ industry mavericks to solve your greatest challenges 


  • Plenty of “stages.” Performance opportunities to try out new methodologies, workshops, events, and experiences – and gather feedback along the way


  • Insider access to Morocco through our local guides and attendees


  • Recordings of your TED-style “Fire Talk(fully opt-in), which we’ll help promote if you’d like us to


  • New headshots from 1-2 photo shoots


  • Pre-event prep calls


  • Access to the Experience House Network, a growing global community of XH alumni



There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the authentic Morocco, with trips to the Marrakech market, jam sessions with local musicians, and much more. 

This Is Right For You If… 


You’re a leader within the world of experience design and/or community building

You’re passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and foster human connection.


You understand the power of co-creation

We do the groundwork, but the specialness of our space comes from the contributions of each attendee. We practice the concept of do-ocracy, i.e if you want something done, then do it yourself! 


You elevate the people around you

You’re ready to bring your A-game, inspire and encourage the people around you, and generously support this community – knowing that everyone is willing to do the same for you.


You’re open to experimentation

Consider this a laboratory, a playground, an opportunity for you to lean into your growth edge, within a safe, uplifting and judgement-free environment. Try out a new workshop, facilitate an experience, get creative in the kitchen, or ask for feedback. With that in mind, we embrace an opt-in culture & respect where you’re at! 


Applications for WAVE 3 are now open. Less than 5 spots remain, and invitations will be made on a rolling basis.


Tuition for WAVE 3 ranges starts at $4,500 for a shared room and $6,000 USD for a private room, dependent on room selection. View available rooms. Partial scholarships for local attendees are available.


WAVE 1 (35% Off)WAVE 2 (25% Off)WAVE 3 (Full-Price)
Application DeadlineMonday, August 1stSunday, November 20thRolling Admission


If invited, a $2,000 deposit is required to reserve your spot.


What's the work setup?

This is a “work hard play hard” culture where you can continue to do your normal work throughout the month, but in an incredible environment with other like-minded creators. We’ll have dedicated workspaces, rooms for private video calls, designated work times, and possibly even facilitated work sprints.

How much structure/programming will there be?

This is a co-created gathering, which means a majority of programmed events will be attendee-led. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your gifts, collaborate, and experiment in a safe environment with people who will both love on you and challenge you to improve. You can expect things like opening and closing ceremonies, attendee-led talks and workshops, meditation, yoga, breathwork, dance classes, jam sessions, recorded “fire talks”, nightly family dinners, co-created experiential events, and anything else the group decides to create.

Will there be an extension?

At every Experience House so far attendees have wanted to extend the experience (half of the attendees at XH1 didn’t want the month to end and stayed for a 2-week extension!) Given this, we’re facilitating a 1-week integration & decompression experience for those interested in an extra week of bonding and integration. Book a flexible ticket in the case you choose to extend your stay!

Are there scholarships available?

We strive to make Experience House accessible to amazing humans for whom pricing may be an obstacle. For that reason we’ve created a limited number of partial scholarships to support humans we’d like to bet on.


Filmmaker & Photographer’s Scholarship

Do you want an opportunity to make amazing content and work with our fantastic team? Mention this in your application!


Local’s Scholarship

We look for locals with a deep familiarity of the area and are able to open doors tourists don’t typically have access to. You know your way around and love to share that with others?  We want you!


XH Artist Grant

Awarded to extraordinarily talented up-and-coming artists who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. The availability of this scholarship depends on the level of financial contribution we receive from alumni + other attendees.

Am I able to move freely in and out of the space?

Yes, you can leave and return freely during your time with us.

Do I need travel insurance to participate?

All attendees must have travel health insurance. We recommend World Nomads or Safety Wing. By joining our program you acknowledge that this is a requirement, and neglecting to do so waves us of any claims or liability. 

What's the cancelation and refund policy?
  • A deposit is required to confirm your spot and is non-refundable
  • The remaining amount is due one month prior to the start of the program, and can be refunded up to 50% in the case of a cancellation.

You can view our full terms and conditions here.



Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 8.05.38 PM

Eskil Bjerkestrand


For as long as he can remember, Eskil has been very fond of nature and being active. This led him to buy his first camera in early 2018 (A Sony a6300). From there, he can safely say that his interest in capturing nature experiences and activities through photos and film exploded! Being able to help others capture important moments or contribute to achieving their dream with the help of photos or video, is something he is insanely grateful to have the opportunity to do.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.13.31 PM

Melany Fernandez


Melany is an Ayurveda life Coach, wellness chef, and the founder of Dosha, The 1st Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in El Paredon. Mel is also our lead chef at Experience House Guatemala.