Covid Policy

Before You Arrive

Upon arrival at the airport, you are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test, or an Antigen Rapid Test dated no more than 72 hours before the date of your arrival, together with a printed copy of the form. Without proof of a negative test result, you will not be permitted to enter the country.

After you complete your test, please stay in self quarantine up until your flight to ensure the safety of other people in the group.

If you are not flying, we will still require you to produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test, or an Antigen Rapid Test dated no more than 72 hours before the date of your arrival.


We are not requiring vaccination for our programs, though it is highly encouraged. Travel restrictions change daily and proof of vaccination may be required to move freely between regions, or in extreme situations, leave the country. Experience House is not responsible for any logistical issues pertaining to covid restrictions. 

Day To Day Life

The purpose of our program is centered around human connection. There will be amazing people attending that you will have the opportunity to connect, share, learn, and grow with. Our intent is to create a covid safe space with as many logistical items accounted for. With that in mind, this is an open container, meaning outsiders and staff will be moving through the space freely. You are responsible for maintaining your level of precautions. 

Leaving The Space 

There are so many beautiful places to explore, we will likely be going on trips during the weekends. However, going outside will be handled with extreme caution. Here are our general guidelines:

  • Do not sit in the front seat of taxis and ride with the windows down. 
  • Do wear Masks on in public enclosed spaces. I.e. the grocery store, Also when entering the restaurant and removed once you are seated at your table.
  • Do not leave the space without notifying other members of the house.
  • Do not go out without proper COVID-19 protection gear
  • Do wash your hands when coming back from anywhere
  • Do go on nature walks and enjoy the great outdoors
  • Do enjoy eating at outdoor restaurants with proper COVID-19 precautions in place
  • Do go on drives to cool outdoor places
  • Do enjoy yourself within reason


Group outings represent a higher than normal level of risk. By participating in Experience House, you accept that you are responsible for your own health and safety, and that you may opt out of any excursion you do not feel comfortable participating in.

In The Event That Somebody Gets COVID-19

While we hope nobody gets COVID-19 in the house, we will follow best practices to ensure the entire group’s safety in the instance that somebody contracts the virus.


It’s everybody’s personal responsibility to themselves and the group as a whole to be on the lookout for potential symptoms of COVID-19. See the symptoms of coronavirus here. Whether you feel the symptoms yourself or feel somebody else could have symptoms, please let us know directly so we can handle the situation further.


After we’ve identified any potential symptoms, we will drive you to a testing facility to get same day results. If you test negative, then you’ll be free to continue your experience at Experience House. If you test positive, then we’ll begin a self-quarantine.


If you test positive in the event of COVID-19 exposure then you will be on a mandated 7 day lockdown or until the test turns negative. Failure to comply will result in a removal of Experience House.

Though we don’t expect this to happen, we will still make your trip as memorable as possible. There are plenty of beautiful trails around and we’ll set you up with your own wifi hotspot. We’ll bring food and beverages  directly to your bedroom, with the occasional love letter slipped under your door.


Treatment will range depending on the severity of your case. If you struggle to breathe or have any of the other severe symptoms,

  •  We have multiple doctors on call who will come to the property to test for COVID + treat symptoms.
  •  If you need hospital care, we’ll bring you to one of these two private hospitals, the best in Morocco:
    • Polyclinique Les Narcisses Marrakech
    • Emirates Morocco Hospital

If your symptoms are mild or non-existent, then you’ll probably be ok and treatment will largely be unnecessary.