Experience House Artist Grant

In an effort to fuel the next generation of creators, Experience House has launched the Experience House Artist Grant – a full-ride scholarship to attend an upcoming month-long Experience House program (a $4,000 value).


Experience House is a month-long creative mastermind that invites 25 leaders in the realms of human connection and experience design in extraordinary locations around the world.

It’s a co-created laboratory with the spaciousness for deep bonding, cultural cross-pollination, insane adventures, and day after day of mind-blowing moments.

From festival producers to spoken-word poets, architects to musicians, CEOs to experiential designers — we unite multi-disciplinary leaders advancing human connection under one roof.

“This is the most ‘right place at the right time’ for the longest amount of time I’ve ever felt in my life… I can’t believe you just gave me all the people I was looking for.”

— Anya Sapozhnikova, Co-Founder of House of Yes

“I thrive in these environments… You’ve curated, twice, really beautiful experiences.”

Max Stossel, spoken-word poet & human tech advocate

“I’m having a hard time putting into words the ways that this past month has transformed me. When I made the decision to join what seemed like a wild experiment I felt deeply that it was what I needed, but I could have never anticipated the layers that I would shed, the ways I would grow, the fullness I would experience, the family I would fall in love with. “Life-changing” only scratches the surface.”

Ira Wolf, singer-songwriter

Who is this for?


The XH Artist Grant is awarded to extraordinarily talented and creative individuals who’d otherwise not be able to join an XH experience due to financial limitations.


While multi-disciplinary, all of our attendees share a passion for creating experiences that inspire awe and deepen human connection — both through live experiences and technology.


This opportunity is for individuals who are ready to level-up, contribute, experiment, and ideate alongside some of the world’s most innovative and imaginative humans for an entire month.


We look for:

  • Singer/songwriters
  • Spoken-word performers
  • Photographers/filmmakers
  • Experiential Designers
  • Visual artists
  • Illustrators
  • Writers
  • Light projectionists
  • Dancers
  • Acrobats




Selection Criteria


The XH Artist Grant is awarded based on:


  • Contribution potential – we want individuals who are “all in” and will enrich the experience with their presence and their art
  • Alignment – individuals who align with the mission of Experience House, who we feel confident we can support in massive ways, and who would deeply benefit from the opportunity
  • Demonstrated need – artists with a clear need, who aren’t in a position to easily afford the experience otherwise




How to apply


Complete the Official Experience House Application, and indicate that you’re applying for the XH Artist Grant.