Welcome to Bali


Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. … Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, its arts, and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife.


You are one of 35 exceptional minds converging to create an international community hellbent on accelerating ambitious and emergent visions in the realm of human connection.


You may not know yet but, as you enter your home for the coming month, you are met by the very hearts and minds that will propel you into your next level.


You look around the room and can’t help but wonder…


What elements of your vision will come to life in this container?
What will feel more alive in your mission?
What will feel more alive in you?


There’s only one way to find out.

Welcome to Experience House Bali.


Sumberkima Hill is a calm, inspiring retreat that hosts yoga and meditation groups, design enthusiasts, writers and artists, bird watchers and botanists and anyone who is seeking an authentic immersion in Balinese culture and nature.

Each of our villas is unique in its design, view and amenities. From intricate, traditional joglos to minimalist box-style homes to stylish artistic pads, we have a range of villas sprawled across the hill, each offering a different mood. Our villas range from small and simple to big and luxurious.




When in Bali, rejuvenating body and soul is of great importance! Our yoga shala has the most breathtaking views all around. In the midst of greenery and sea views, you will learn to find your flow through a simple practice. There is also a range of affordable spa treatments to enhance your experience, from beauty therapies to cleansing massages and reflexology.



Our hosts have partnered with locals to set up a reef restoration project, Metamorfosa. They are also are helping in the reforestation of the hill, employing our staff directly from the village to reduce urban migration, offering English lessons and doing their best to ensure that the community prospers along with us.



Our location in the mountains of North West Bali, with Barat National Park in our backyard, makes the area around us perfect for hikes through the wilderness.

We work together with the local chief to find trails all over the rolling hills that expose you to jungly thickets, sweeping views of the bay, and more! You can pass through hidden villages where tourists rarely go and take in the beauty of abundant nature and culture on every trail.



Chef prepared meals using seasonal produce that is sourced from organic, local and fresh farmlands, some of which are freshly picked and prepared from the permaculture vegetable garden! Our menu is curated to nourish our attendees and ensure they feel their absolute best, while experiencing local culinary culture throughout the wide variety of Balinese flavors.

Your Chamber

Each of our villas is unique in its design, view and amenities. From intricate, traditional joglos to minimalist box-style homes to stylish artistic pads, we have a range of villas sprawled across the hill, each offering a different mood. Our villas range from small and simple to big and luxurious.


The majority of programming at XH is attendee-led, which provides a platform to experiment, leads to a deeply giving and generous culture, and results in unexpected experiences and moments we could never plan for. 



To give you a sense of what’s in store, here’s some of the highlights from our last programs:


  • mastermind sessions, where the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 25+ housemates were used to solve each other’s greatest challenges


  • meditation, yoga, acroyoga, breathwork, and workout classes taught by expert attendees


  • daily silk and acrobat classes hosted by one of Brookly’s finest circus performers


  • writing workshops held by an award winning poet


  • Open Mic Nights with performances by our in house talent.


  • an “Amazing Race” around the colonial city of Antigua that ended in a mixology competition


  • a sunset dance party on the summit of a 13,000 ft active volcano 


  • A four day excursion into the Sahara Desert


  • an extravagant Arabian dinner involving 4+ days of food preparation, Aladdin-style costumes, an aerial silk performance, walking on broken glass, and a dance party 


  • TED-style talks (dubbed “Fuego Talks”) where attendees shared their stories and expertise. 


Of course, no XH will ever be the same. And that’s part of the magic. ✨



We won’t release our roster until we get closer to June. But for now, you can see who has attended in the past.


Benjamin Von Wong

Artist | Advisor | Activist

Ben is an artist that, along side his team, has generated content with over 100M organic views on topics like Ocean Plastics, Fast Fashion, and Electronic Waste for companies like Starbucks, Nike, Greenpeace and Dell.


Andrew Kroeze

Founder/CEO at Tribe of Buyers

Andrew is the CEO of Tribe of Buyers as well as a speaker and coach who has mastered the ability to create massively engaged and highly profitable Facebook Groups.


Yasmine El Baggari

Founder & CEO at Voyaj | Human Development & Psychology at Harvard | EHF Fellow

Yasmine El Baggari, a native of Morocco and Planet Earth-based is passionate about connecting people and bridging cultures to encourage a more peaceful caring world. She launched Voyaj, a platform that connects people from around the globe for one-on-one meaningful exchanges to foster global understanding.



  • A month of accommodation


  • Daily chef-prepared meals 


  • Full reign over all of the venue’s spaces: an outdoor amphitheater with A/V setup (ideal for hosting concerts, etc), an in-house movie theater (with a sofa large enough to comfortably accommodate a tribe), a rooftop from which to view the sunset, and a yoga shala where daily yoga, meditation, and workout sessions will be held


  • 24/7 access to co-working areas


  • Weekly mastermind sessions. Leverage the collective brainpower, resources, and connections of 20+ industry mavericks to solve your greatest challenges 


  • Event production support. Between our Exec. Producer and the on-site event team, you’ll have the resources to make any crazy idea a reality


  • Plenty of “stages.” Performance opportunities to try out new methodologies, workshops, events, and experiences – and gather feedback along the way


  • Insider access to Bali through our local guides and attendees


  • Recordings of your TED-style “fuego talk” (fully opt-in), which we’ll help promote if you’d like us to


  • New headshots from 1-2 photo shoots


  • Pre-event prep calls


  • Access to the Experience House Network, a growing global community of XH alumni


  • A month spent alongside 35 multidisciplinary, curious, deeply generous entrepreneurs and creators at the top of their game, supporting one another to step into their highest selves


There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the authentic Bali, with trips around the island, a weekend excursion to Mount Rinjani National Park, and much more.

This Is Right For You If… 


You’re a leader within the world of experience design

You’re passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and foster human connection.


You’re down to co-create

We do the groundwork, but the specialness of our space comes from the contributions of each attendee. We practice the concept of do-ocracy, i.e if you want something done, then do it yourself! 


You elevate the people around you

You’re ready to bring your A-game, inspire, encourage the people around you, and generously support the TRIBE – knowing that everyone is willing to do the same for you.


You’re open to experimentation

Consider this a laboratory, a playground, an opportunity for you to lean into your growth edge, within a safe, uplifting and  judgement free environment. Try out a new workshop, facilitate an experience, get creative in the kitchen, or ask for feedback. With that in mind, we embrace an opt-in culture & respect where you’re at! 


Do you know of incredible humans who need to be at Experience House? We’re offering $250 cash or a $500 credit for each person you refer + joins. The credit can be used on this program or on future XH events. 


Applications are now open.



This is a “work hard play hard” culture where you can continue to do your normal work throughout the month, but in an incredible environment with other like-minded creators. We’ll have dedicated workspaces, rooms for private video calls, designated work times, and possibly even facilitated work sprints.


This is a co-created gathering, which means a majority of programmed events will be attendee-led. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your gifts, collaborate, and experiment in a safe environment with people who will both love on you and challenge you to improve. You can expect things like opening and closing ceremonies, attendee-led talks and workshops, meditation, yoga, breathwork, dance classes, jam sessions, recorded “fire talks”, nightly family dinners, co-created experiential events, and anything else the group decides to create.


At every Experience House so far attendees have wanted to extend the experience (half of the attendees at XH1 didn’t want the month to end and stayed for a 2-week extension!) Given this, we’re facilitating a 1-week integration & decompression experience for those interested in an extra week of bonding and integration. Book a flexible ticket in the case you choose to extend your stay!


We strive to make Experience House accessible to amazing humans for whom pricing may be an obstacle. For that reason we’ve created a limited number of partial scholarships to support humans we’d like to bet on.


Filmmaker & Photographer’s Scholarship

Do you want an opportunity to make amazing content and work with our fantastic team? Mention this in your application!


Local’s Scholarship

We look for locals with a deep familiarity of the area and are able to open doors tourists don’t typically have access to. You know your way around and love to share that with others?  We want you!


XH Artist Grant

Awarded to extraordinarily talented up-and-coming artists who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. The availability of this scholarship depends on the level of financial contribution we receive from alumni + other attendees.


Yes, you can leave and return freely during your time with us. 


All attendees must have travel health insurance. We recommend World Nomads or Safety Wing. By joining our program you acknowledge that this is a requirement, and neglecting to do so waves us of any claims or liability. 


Indonesia does not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the country.

You will need a Visa on arrival to travel to Indonesia on a passport issued by the United States

Note: restrictions can change. Use this helpful tool to check the most up-to-date restrictions.

  • A deposit is required to confirm your spot and is non-refundable
  • The remaining amount is due one month prior to the start of the program, and can be refunded up to 50% in the case of a cancellation.

You can view our full terms and conditions here.